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Join our Brochure
reseller members club today!

Anyone can join and once aproved all you need to do is refer new customers to Brochure designers. Once one of your referals places an order (and types your member number on the order form) we'll let you know and at the end of each month email over your commission money!

So if you fancy a bit of extra cash, join up today and start earning!


How do I apply?

Simply fill in your details using the form below and once aproved we'll send you your unique referal member number that you'll need to give your referal customers to enter at the time of placing an order so that we can make sure payments are made to you. All you need is a valid paypal account and email so that we can pay you.

Can I resell for you without having my clients come direct to brochure-designers?

Absolutely, we welcome anyone who wants to keep our low cost brochure design and print prices to themselves and wants to use us to produce things and mark up our trade prices at your own set level. In this instance all you would need to do is place the order yourself at the standard price on behalf of your clients (remembering to use your reseller number when you place the order) and then at the end of the month we'll send on your cashback commission.

I have a design or print related website can I promote brochure design and print (using brochure-designers) as one of my own services

Yes, as an aproved reseller member you would be able to add our service to your existing services branded to your own company if required. Simply place orders on our website on behalf of your clients and we'll send you monthly cashback.

How much can I expect to earn each month?

Obviously this depends on the ammount of orders placed by you or your refered clients but seeing as an average order for brochures is £400-£600, with 10% cashback even if you only manage a couple of orders a month it still adds up to a very generous lump sum.

Join up today and start earning!

Contact Name:
Company Name: (not required):
Email linked to valid paypal account:
Website: (not required):

Terms and Conditions apply. Payments will be made at the end of each calendar month. Brochure Designers reserve the right to withdraw this promotion at any given time

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Need cash? Earn 10% on brochures sold through you!